Voice and Swallowing Disorders

Do you have trouble speaking or swallowing? Is there any pain that accompanies these functions? For people experiencing voice and swallowing disorders throughout Davis County, Mountain West ENT in Bountiful and Layton offers procedures to diagnose the condition, including a video laryngeal stroboscopy and fiber-optic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing (FEES).

What are Voice Disorders?

Voice disorders are marked by a reduced ability to speak. Generally, voice disorders develop as a result of damage to the vocal cords or the surrounding throat muscles used in speech. Some examples of voice disorders include laryngitis, leukoplakia, vocal cord polyps, and spasmodic dysphonia. To effectively diagnose one of these conditions, or another type of voice disorder, our specialists will perform a video laryngeal stroboscopy. 

Video Laryngeal Stroboscopy

A video laryngeal stroboscopy is a specialized test used to observe the vocal cords as they move and vibrate during sound production. For this procedure, your doctor will use a tool called a stroboscope which emits light to take pictures of the vocal cords during each cycle of sound production. This series of pictures will help your doctor determine the cause of your condition.

What are Swallowing Disorders?

A swallowing disorder results when a person is unable to swallow without pain, or cannot swallow at all. Several issues can lead to a swallowing disorder such as foreign objects lodged in the throat, esophageal tumors, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), chronic muscle spasms, and damage from radiation therapy. Patients with neurological disorders are also more susceptible to swallowing disorders, especially those with Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis. To diagnose swallowing disorders, our Bountiful and Layton ENT specialists use the fiber-optic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing (FEES).


Fiber-Optic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing  

During this test, your Layton or Bountiful ENT doctor will use an endoscope, a flexible tube with an attached camera, to observe the movement of your esophagus, larynx, and pharynx as you swallow food or liquid with added dye, to make it more visible over the camera. By understanding what is interfering with the swallowing movement, your doctor can recommend treatment options. 

If you are concerned that your condition may be a voice or swallowing disorder, it is vital see a qualified ENT specialist in Bountiful or Layton right away. Contact us at Mountain West ENT to schedule your appointment!