Allergy Testing

Do you experience the negative symptoms of allergies? Are you troubled by frequent sneezing and itchy, runny eyes? To better understand your allergies, it is vital to determine the cause of these symptoms. For allergy testing in Davis County, turn to the specialists at Mountain West ENT, with locations in Bountiful and Layton. Allergies are a common problem for people throughout Utah and the U.S., and it is often difficult to find relief without knowing the underlying cause. For this reason, our team uses allergy testing to pinpoint the trigger of your allergic reactions.

Types of Allergy Testing

At Mountain West ENT, our Bountiful and Layton offices offer two types of allergy testing:
skin testing and blood tests.

Skin Testing


Skin testing for allergies can be conducted in one of three ways: a skin prick test, a skin patch test, and an intradermal test

  • Skin Prick Test: To perform the skin prick test, a specialist will apply a drop of the selected allergen to the skin and either prick the skin with a needle or scratch the skin to allow the allergen to penetrate into the skin. If a wheal, a raised red area, develops then the patient is allergic to that allergen.

  • Skin Patch Test: This test is used to diagnose contact dermatitis, a type of skin allergy. For this test, an allergen is placed in a pad and affixed to the patient’s skin for 72 hours. After three days, the specialist can assess the patient’s reaction to determine if they are allergic to that substance.

  • Intradermal Test: During this test, an allergen solution is injected directly into the skin. This test is used when the skin prick test doesn’t show a reaction, but the particular allergen is still believed to be the issue.

Blood Tests


For patients who can’t complete a skin test, specialists may use allergy blood tests to find substances in the blood known as antibodies. By measuring the level of antibodies in the blood, a specialist can determine if current allergy treatments are working or observe whether an allergy has been outgrown.

Blood tests for allergies are commonly used for people with heart conditions, asthma, and severe skin conditions like dermatitis or eczema.

If you are interested in allergy testing, contact Mountain West ENT to schedule your appointment in Bountiful or Layton.