Cerumen (Ear Wax) Removal

Are you concerned about earwax blockage? The body naturally produces earwax acts as a defense mechanism to clean the ear canals, trap dirt, and reduce the growth of harmful bacteria. While earwax is a necessary component of ear function, it can become a problem when there is an excess amount of earwax and a blockage occurs. If you are experiencing a blockage, turn to the ear, nose, and throat specialists at Mountain West ENT in Bountiful and Layton for cerumen (ear wax) removal.

What are the Symptoms of Earwax Blockage?

  • Diminished hearing in the affected ear
  • Earache
  • A feeling of fullness in the affected ear
  • Dizziness
  • Ringing in the affected ear, also known as tinnitus
  • Cough

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How Does an Earwax Blockage Occur?

Earwax blockage usually happens because a patient attempted to clean their ears with a cotton swab or other object, which pushed the earwax further down into the ear. Some patients may also experience an ear wax blockage because their ears are over producing wax, or it is not being cleared effectively.

Earwax Removal Options at Mountain West ENT in Bountiful and Layton

To determine if you have an earwax blockage, one of our specialists will use a lighted instrument known as an otoscope to magnify the inner ear and observe any blockages or obstructions. After diagnosing the problem, they may use one of several different treatment options for earwax removal in Layton or Bountiful. This can include suction, using a curet (a curved instrument used to remove earwax), or using a bulb syringe filled with warm water to flush the ear.

For patients with chronic earwax problems, our specialists may recommend a wax-removal medication such as carbamide peroxide to reduce the likelihood of an earwax blockage. These types of medications must be used with caution though, as they can irritate the sensitive skin of the eardrum and ear canal. Always follow your doctor’s instructions when using prescription drops for earwax blockages.

To schedule your appointment for earwax removal, reach out to the offices of Mountain West ENT located in Bountiful and Layton.