Custom and Non-Custom Swim Plugs

At Mountain West ENT in Bountiful and Layton, our specialists offer access to custom and non-custom ear plugs for swimming. These simple devices are the best way to protect your ears from infection while swimming.

Otitis Externa, or Swimmer’s Ear, is a common infection which can be caused by water entering the ear canal. Those who swim frequently risk trapping water within the inner ear, which facilitates bacterial growth. It is especially common in children and anyone with a narrow ear canal. It may cause swelling of the ear, pain, itching, and seepage. This irritating condition can be prevented through the proper use of ear plugs for swimming. These plastic or silicon devices prevent water from breaching the inner ear. A variety of different types of swimming ear plugs are available for all ages in Davis County, South Salt Lake City, Bountiful, Layton, and surrounding areas, contact Mountain West ENT today to learn more.

Keeping your ears dry is the best way to prevent swimmer’s ear. Be informed about your options so you can choose the swim plugs that are right for you.


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Swim Plug Styles

  • Flanged- Flanged ear plugs for swimming are a small, conical, flanged pieces of plastic which prevent water from entering the ear. Flanged swim plugs fit any ear and are typically less expensive.
  • Ergonomic- Ergonomic ear plugs for swimming are designed to fit snugly within the inner ear. Ergonomic swim plugs are sold in pairs, with one plug shaped for the left ear and one for the right.
  • Custom- Using moldable silicone putty, custom ear plugs for swimming are designed to fit your ear perfectly. Custom swim plugs will form a comfortable but waterproof seal in any ear, and are much more comfortable to wear for extended periods.

Swim Plug Use

While swim plugs are the best way to protect yourself from Otitis Externa, misuse may actually make you more vulnerable. Inserting plugs too deep, or using poorly fitting ones, may irritate or abrade the skin of your inner ear. This makes it easier for infections to take hold. It’s important to talk to your doctor about using swim plugs if you are an athlete or person who swims regularly. Contact Mountain West ENT to discuss custom and non-custom swim plugs available in Davis County, Bountiful, Layton, South Salt Lake City, and surrounding areas.