Other Hearing Protection

Are you looking for premier custom and non-custom hearing protection in the Bountiful or Layton area? Mountain West ENT is proud to serve patients throughout Davis County who need hearing protection for a variety of activities including swimming, sleeping, and hunting. Our custom and non-custom options allow us to help individuals find the perfect fit so that they can participate in daily activities without concerns about hearing loss. Some of our options for hearing protection include:

Some of our options for hearing protection include:

Custom and Non-Custom Swim Plugs: Regardless of age or ability, all swimmers can experience sensitivity to water in the ear. Our custom and non-custom swim plug options protect your ears, providing relief for people prone to infections and other problems.

Custom Sleep Plugs: A full night’s sleep is vital to a healthy lifestyle, but many people fail to get an adequate amount of rest due to noise. Whether it’s your partner’s snoring or noisy neighbors, our custom sleep plugs can help you reduce sleepless nights and unwanted noise.

Custom Electronic or Passive Hunting Plugs: Hunting and shooting are activities that can take a toll on your hearing and, in some very loud environments, cause permanent hearing damage. For this reason, it is important to have custom electronic or passive hunting plugs which block loud noises, but amplify other sounds.

Assistive Listening Devices and FM Systems: We also offer assistive listening devices and FM systems to Bountiful and Laytonpatients with all levels of hearing loss, from mild to profound. Assistive listening devices are amplifiers that bring sound directly into users’ ears and separate sounds, especially speech, from background noise. FM systems embed sounds within a hearing aid or cochlear implant to reduce background noise and improve poor acoustics.

For more information about custom and non-custom hearing protection options, please reach out to our office in Bountiful or Layton to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced audiologists.